1.  I can easily cycle 500 km but that might take me a month. Can I mix cycling/driving?
Yes. You can cycle/drive as you wish. Bring your own support vehicle.

2.  We are a family of 4. Can my spouse and I will share cycling and childcare? Who needs to register?
This is a family-friendly event. Adults can share cycling and childcare. All cyclists must register, therefore you and your spouse must register. Accompanying friends or family members, who are non-cyclists,  are welcomed to enjoy our snacks and meals at no additional  cost.

3.  Is there a limit to the number of cyclists?
We have a limit of 60 cyclists.

4.  How many rest stops are there?
Many. Generally, there is a rest stop every 25-35 km section. Please see Section A. Daily Race & Services for details.

5.  Are the rest stops stocked?
Yes. There will be water, fruits, cookies  and chips. Note: Please bring your own refillable container for water/juice.

6.  How come the fee is $325+ per Rider?
We need to reimburse the volunteers for their gas, buy equipment and feed you for an equivalent of two whole days. We also provide snacks throughout the 3 days. 

7.  Can I pack and cook my own meals as I have several allergies?

8.  What kitchen facilities are available?
There will be a two-burner stove, lots of hot water, basins for washing dishes, dish clothes, etc, available for communal use.

9.  I want to volunteer. Do I have to pack my own meals?
All volunteers eat for free. Please bring your own camping gear. If you bring your vehicle, you will receive a gas reimbursement.

10.  I cannot make the Mandatory  Meeting. Is that a problem?
This meeting is important.  If you absolutely cannot make it, send an email to, so  we can brief you.

11.  Can I bring a dog?
Yes, as long as you bring along a supporter to pet-sit. The responsibility for your pet should not fall to the organizers or other riders.

12.  What's the weather going to be like?
Previous rides have experienced temperatures ranging from 2C to 25C degrees Celsius. The 8.30 a.m. morning starts tend to be in the temperature rage of 5 C-10 C, so please dress warm for these colder starts.

13.  I cannot get Friday off from work. Can I still join the ride?
Yes. You'll need to drive out and meet us at the kilometer 182 campsite.

14.  How do I get back to Yellowknife after riding to Hay River on Sunday? 
You need to find your own ride home, including finding a way to bring your bike back.  Please join the YK2HR Facebook Group and ask around.

15.  Due to work obligations, I cannot ride Friday. I will ride Saturday and Sunday. Can I substitute in another rider for Friday?
Yes. Both of you must register and pay the full fee.

16.  I want to register now but I may have to drop out of the ride due to injuries or work obligations. Can I get a full or partial refund?
There are no refunds once you register. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. You are welcomed to substitute in another rider at no cost, at any time prior to the ride.

17.  Can I get help if I have a bike problem during the ride?
You are expected to be self-sufficient in the event of a bike problem. The sweeper or rest stop volunteers will be glad to assist you but they are not trained bike mechanics.

1.  I am slow and I don't have my own support vehicle. How do I keep up?
You can dismount and flag the Sweeper.

2.  Really, how fit do I have to be to enjoy the YK2HR?
You should be able to cycle at an average speed of 20 km/hour for about 90 minutes non-stop, rest and repeat, and repeat, and repeat.

3.  I have a mountain bike-is that suitable for the Ride? What about a hybrid/commuter bike?
We strongly recommend a road bike (but not a requirement). You'll appreciate the difference when the road bikes surge ahead right from the start.

4. Are the any training rides planned?
Yes. There are three planned training rides. A 70 kilometer and 115 kilometer rides will occur in May and an 105 kilometer ride in June. You will be notified by email (if registered). Notification will also be posted on our Facebook page.